Stripping and waxing your floors is a very important step to take in order to keep your facility clean and looking its very best. The wax sealant acts as a barrier that protects your floors – much like wax on a car. It’s extremely useful in improving the life of your floors. Plus, with regular maintenance, it creates shiny floors that may be the first thing customers see when they walk in the door.

High-traffic areas are prone to collecting dirt and grit, which can make an otherwise beautiful floor dull and dirty.

A well-maintained coat of floor wax also helps to prevent scratches and staining/discoloration

Over time, VCT flooring that is not maintained will begin to chip and eventually lift away from the sub-flooring. This creates a much more expensive problem than regularly stripping and cleaning your floors.

  • As the name implies, stripping and waxing consists of a two main stages:
    • Floor stripping: The top coating of wax and any other buildup is removed. At the end of this step, the floor is completely bare.
    • Sealant/Waxing: After the floors are stripped, they must be sealed with a high-quality sealer and buffed with a gloss finish to a sparkling shine. The sealer and gloss finish will extend the life of your hard flooring, reduce marks and scratches and will help to guard against soil penetration and abrasion.

When considering how often to strip and wax your floors, it’s important to remember that wax will age with time. As a result, it needs to be properly maintained. We recommend that floors be stripped and waxed every 6-9 months.