Floor waxing must be performed correctly and on a regular basis to clean the floor and bring back its original shine. If you are looking to wax your floor yourself, this short post is for you. We have highlighted some common mistakes that you should avoid to ensure the floor waxing is performed correctly and the desired result is achieved.

Not understanding the different types of floors

Every type of floor reacts differently to the different floor waxing materials. If the wrong chemical is used, it can result in damage to the floor that is costly in repairs. Just some of the different types of flooring in use today include laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and tile. Tile can be made of porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. Vinyl tiles or VCT tiles are generally used in commercial places to withstand high traffic. Consult our experts from floor wax services in Kansas City, to consult with you on your floor types and schedule a professional waxing of your floors.

Using the wrong solution

Use of the wrong chemicals will not deliver the desired results and can potentially damage the floor. You must have a thorough understanding of the chemicals you are supposed to use on the floor.

Incorrect chemical-to-water dilution ratios

There is a correct chemical-to-water-dilution ratio. Remember, too little or too much can result in ineffective results or damage to the floor. Using chemicals in the right proportion will give you the great results that you were hoping to see from floor waxing.

Inadequate dwell time

When you allow the chemical-to-water-dilution ratio to sit on the floor to penetrate it-without drying, this situation is known as inadequate dwell time. Dwell time plays a big role in the finish removal process. Be sure you carefully check the chemical level before using it as a dwell time.

Using unclean equipment

It is highly recommended to always use clean equipment for performing floor waxing. Used and/or dirty equipment can itself cause scratches and damage to the floor. Therefore, always use clean equipment.

Lack of safety signs

While performing floor waxing in the commercial space, it is your responsibility to ensure others’ safety. For this reason, always use safety signs to alert other people to prevent accidental slips or falls.

Not wearing safety gear

Since the floor waxing solution contains chemicals, you should protect yourself and others. Ensure you have all safety gear before starting the floor waxing task. These safety gear include non-slip shoes, goggles, gloves, and a face mask.

Head to Town & Country Building Services for the desired results

These are just some of the mistakes that must be avoided to get the floor waxed perfectly. If you are looking for a company to provide expert floor waxing, then reach out to Town and Country Building Services. We are a well-known premier commercial janitorial service in Kansas City, offering a range of services including buffing tile floors in kansas city.