With so many commercial office cleaning services available, it can be a bit difficult to select the one that works best for you. It’s especially important to find the right office cleaning services that will meet and exceed your expectations for the long term. That’s why we have created this short guide of things to consider and ask about to help you select the right commercial office cleaning services in Kansas City.


How long has the company been in the commercial cleaning business? Unreliable companies don’t stay in business for over 40 years, like Town & Country Building Services. How much experience do their crews have in commercial cleaning? Also ask if they can handle multiple cleaning jobs. Of course you will ask about pricing, but also find out how often they historically increase prices. You don’t want to shop around for a new company every couple of years when the price of your current services starts out reasonable and increases dramatically every one-to-two years.

Verify insurance

A commercial cleaning company will provide you with proof of insurance. Reputable office cleaning companies carry insurance against any liability and injury so you are not on the hook financially if any mishaps occur while cleaning your commercial office space.

Read the contract

Some commercial cleaning companies prepare an iron-clad contract to lock you into their cleaning services for a years with many obstacles to overcome before they will allow you to cancel. Read contracts thoroughly. At Town & Country we ask you to give us 90 days to meet or exceed your cleaning requirements. After that, you can cancel with 30 days written notice.

Ask for references

The reputed company will not hesitate to provide you references of clients they have served. Once you receive the list of references, contact each one and ask about their experience with the prospective commercial cleaning service company. This will give more insight into their cleaning services and help you understand whether they should be hired or you should continue looking.

Do they give flexibility?

Choose the company that works according to your schedule. Most customer want their commercial cleaning to occur after hours or on weekends, but some customers prefer their cleaning to happen when employees are around. Your time and convenience should be top priority for the commercial office cleaning service company that you hire.