Post-construction sites are not ready for tenants. Trash, dust particles, wood pieces, and other trash must be removed to make a place livable/workable. Cleaning up during after a new construction project takes a lot of time; hiring amateurs wastes time and money. That’s why hiring professional construction site cleanup services in Kansas City just makes good business sense.

What facilities can a professional cleanup service provide?

A new office or building is not ready for tenants, so you need to ensure that the place is thoroughly cleaned before they move in. A good first impression is one key to healthy sales. Hire an experienced, qualified construction clean-up services provider to help you save time and hassle. Here are just some of the construction clean-up services that we provide:

  • Detailed interior cleaning

Dust hides the well thought-out interior design of your buildings. A professional cleaning service thoroughly removes dust from the space.

  • Wipe down the wall surface

Harmful dust on walls may cause allergy issues for your tenants. A professional cleaning service includes wiping down the wall surface; they make the place breathable.

  • Cabinet cleaning

Remove dust and debris from your cabinets.

  • Dusting light fixtures and window sills

Professional services have an eye for detail; they will clean fixtures and window sills, which some services skip.

Town and Country Building Services also provides Covid disinfection service in Kansas City. With this additional service, you can ensure that your space is free from deadly viruses.

Additional benefits…

We can clean your new construction build and then transition into a regular cleaning service to help keep your new building looking great!

Town and Country Building Service, Inc. is a full-service commercial cleaning company. We have 40 years of experience in providing janitorial services at a fair price. We can design a cleaning routine that specifically fits your company’s needs.