• Buffing your hard surface floors can help get rid of scratches and scuffs, while renewing the glossy finish of your floors. Performed at the right frequency, your floors will look brand new with each buff, and make your flooring last longer.
  • Buffing is like a deep clean for your floor. It “exfoliates” the top layer of the floor to reveal its original glossy beauty and shine. With the right tools, you can buff most floor types, like vinyl, concrete, wood, tile, and laminate.
  • We perform a technique called spray buffing which uses a liquid to remove dirt from the floor and create a glossy look. It uses the polishing solution along with the mechanical action of the buffer pad to remove scuffs, level the surface, and enhance shine. This is the more common type of buffing, and it’s used with buffing machines that go up to 1000RPM.
  • We highly recommend establishing and maintaining a regular floor buffing schedule. It will keep your floors looking great and extend the amount of time in between having a strip and wax performed.
  • For commercial spaces with high foot traffic, we recommend buffing floors monthly. In low traffic areas, you can buff every two or three months.